7 Reasons Why Cycling is the Best Sport for Introverts

Published May 26, 2022

By Axel Rivera

Are you an introvert? So am I.

As introverts, we spend much solo time.

Failing to recharge our batteries on the weekend will make us feel unproductive the following week.

I started cycling two years ago. I’m still slow, but I can ride long distances. My longest ride is 62 miles (or 100 km if you’re not in the US).

After spending so many hours on my solo rides, I’ve concluded that cycling is the best sport for introverts.

Here’s why.

1 - You can go far and get plenty of solo time outdoors

Introverts need time alone to recharge their batteries. I enjoy a good dinner with friends on weekends. But I need to spend at least one day on my own. Otherwise, I won’t be as productive the following week.

I used to stay home watching TV, and I still do. But now I spend more time outdoors, riding my bike.

I look forward to my long weekend rides. I love riding 20 miles to a park in the middle of nowhere. Eat a snack. Then go back. I get to explore new places, enjoy nature and have fun.

I can spend 3 to 4 hours immersed in my thoughts and get fit simultaneously. Win-win!

2 - Cycling isn’t loud or competitive

I prefer individual sports. No team members are yelling at me. I, and I alone, am responsible for my actions.

Cycling is mostly an individual sport — even on group rides. There’s no team to beat on the other side.

Do you want to stop for a coffee break or take a picture? No problem. Go for it.

There are no crowds and no team pressure.

Your only goal is to get from point A to point B and enjoy the ride.

3 - You can ride with other people if you want to

I can cover my social needs as long as I’m around other humans a few times per week.

I ride solo 80% to 90% of the time. But I enjoy hanging out with friends a few times per month.

I may ride with a close friend in some cases while enjoying a good conversation.

I also ride with a social cycling club. There are no pace lines — just like-minded people who love cycling. I’m pretty sure I’m the youngest and slowest member!

4 - Great conversation topic

Do you go to a restaurant by yourself? How about a movie theater?

As introverts, we enjoy doing many activities on our own. I know I do, and it’s perfectly normal.

But we don’t like to talk about it. We don’t want to be judged.

Cycling is different, however. It’s perfectly acceptable for somebody to go 4 hours on a solo bike ride. Your friends won’t judge you. They will admire your dedication and discipline.

Once you start doing longer distances — 40 miles or longer — you’ll be doing something most of your friends can’t.

So go for a ride this weekend. And when your friends ask, tell them about your adventures. They’ll be impressed. I guarantee it!

5 Exploring new places

Do you own a bike rack?

Getting a bike rack is one of the best investments you can make.

Cycling never gets boring. I can get in my car and drive to new places. Do you want a ride through a forest? Lake or ocean views? No problem. They are all a drive away.

I’m fortunate enough to live near many multi-use trails in Central Florida. I have easy access to one of the best trails in Orlando. But it’s boring to do the same ride every week.

On weekends, I change the flow and ride on other trails.

But the best part comes after the ride.

I have a rule that I must try a new local restaurant when I go to new places. I can tell you where to get the best burgers, pizza, and fish tacos near every trail in Central Florida.

6 You have plenty of time for thinking and brainstorming ideas

Do you wear headphones during workouts? I sometimes do. Mostly on weekends when I want to relax and enjoy my ride.

Weekdays are different.

I’ve been working from home since 2017. Long before COVID times. I use my morning rides to get ready for work. I can go over the priorities for the day — brainstorm new ideas. Sometimes I don’t think about anything.

I have two hours in the morning I can use to clear my head and be productive the rest of the day.

7 Cycling is the best workout

Cycling workouts burn an insane amount of calories. Running burns more calories. But hear me out.

My average run is 2.5 miles, 35 minutes, and 350 calories.

My average ride is 23 miles, 2 hours, and 1,500 calories.

Which is the better workout? Cycling, of course. It’s low impact, easy on my knees, and most importantly, I’m enjoying it.

Cycling allows me to burn four times more calories than running. I’m sure I could come up with similar numbers running longer distances. But I tried multiple times in the past, and it didn’t work for me.

Cycling changed my life

I used to spend my solo time binge-watching TV.

I still watch TV, but I spend more time outdoors now. I use my weekday rides to brainstorm ideas and organize my thoughts.

Weekend rides are my favorite. I go for long distances and explore new bike trails.

I went from 20 years sitting on the couch to an active lifestyle. I feel good about myself, and I have more energy.

Cycling changed my life, and I’m not looking back.