Are you an introvert? So am I.

As introverts, we spend much solo time.

Failing to recharge our batteries on the weekend will make us feel unproductive the following week.

I started cycling two years ago. I’m still slow, but I can ride long distances. My longest ride is 62 miles (or 100 km if you’re not in the US).

After spending so many hours on my solo rides, I’ve concluded that cycling is the best sport for introverts.

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Have you experienced any of the following?

  1. Gone for a run or walk and forgot to wear your Apple Watch
  2. Did a weight training session and forgot to start the workout

These scenarios are unacceptable for Apple Watch owners because we want to get credit for our hard work on the Fitness rings.

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If you’re a cyclist and general fitness fanatic, chances are you got a Wahoo ELEMNT cycling computer and an Apple Watch to track workouts. While Wahoo provides an impressive amount of data and charts, you’ve likely noticed that most metrics are lost when you export rides to the Fitness app on your iPhone.

Better Workouts was created from my personal need to keep all data from workout activities in a single place. I prefer to use Apple’s Health app as the single source of truth for all my workout data. It has better privacy than other cloud services and it gives me the flexibility to switch between Garmin, Wahoo or other services in the future without fear of losing data.

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