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Better Workouts is a powerful app to help you keep track of your cycling, running and other workout activities.

A Workout Logging App for Busy People

Do you struggle with your fitness goals? I struggle too! I have trouble controlling my weight. There's also a history of diabetes in my family. I tried running. I tried walking. No luck! I wasn't motivated to wake up early in the morning. I felt too tired during evenings.

I needed to change. I bought a bicycle during the COVID cycling boom in April 2020. It was painful at first. But I was having fun. I even added walking and running to my routine for cross-training.

I created Better Workouts after struggling to keep all my workout data in one place. I use a cycling computer ﹣ Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt ﹣ to record my bike rides and an Apple Watch to record other activities. I couldn't see my walks or runs on the Wahoo app. I could import some data from Wahoo to Apple Health. But most data was missing! No map. No charts. No heart rate zones.

Better Workouts has become a critical tool in my training. I'm enjoying my new active lifestyle. I feel healthy. I'm having fun. I don't want to go back to the couch! Keep reading to learn about some of the features that are helping me stay on top of my fitness goals.

﹣ Axel Rivera, founder of Better Workouts

Workout Metrics

Better Workouts includes a beautiful workouts feed. You just scroll and browse your activity including maps. Each workout includes a summary of relevant metrics to help analyze your performance.

Powerful Chart Analysis

Record workouts with your Apple Watch and analyze your metrics with Better Workouts. The app includes charts not available in the Fitness app on your iPhone. Some examples include cycling speed, running pace, heart rate, heart rate zones, cycling cadence, dynamic splits, elevation and more. Better Workouts shows you data in a clean and simple format.

Training Calendar

How many times per week do you workout? Do you have a consistent schedule? Are you skipping days? The training calendar helps you answer these questions and more. Activities are shown by color to help you compare weekly workouts relative to each other.

Multiple Timeframes

Are you a data geek? Keep track of your progress using weekly and monthly charts. Get a summary of all your historical stats in one place.

Are You Proud of Your Fitness Stats?

I'm not going to lie to you. I created the dashboard feature to show off my fitness stats! I'm proud that I went from a sedentary lifestyle to riding +4,000 miles in 2021. I plan to finish 2022 with +5,000 miles.

The dashboard section shows a summary of your fitness metrics that can be shared with others. It's a beautiful graphic. Not a screenshot. Let your family and friends know that you're working hard. It's Ok to show off every once in a while. 😎

Additional Features

Powerful Filters

Powerful filters let you search and sort the workout feed to help you monitor your training patterns.


Keep track of your bike, shoes, long runs, commutes and more. Tags also include drilldown metrics on multiple timeframes.

Import FIT Files

Import FIT files from Garmin or Wahoo devices to the Health app. Saved workouts include data such as map, events, heart rate samples, distance samples, and more.


Create amazing screenshots of your workouts or fitness activity to share with friends and family on social media.

Let's Talk About Privacy

Your privacy is important! Better Workouts reads data from the Health app on your iPhone. Any processing of your health data will take place exclusively on your iPhone. There are no servers involved. I can't emphasize this enough — your health data is 100% yours, I don't have or want access to it.



This app brings all of my metrics together in one place. The sharing feature makes it quick and easy to have a ‘social media ready’ picture with my route map or picture from the ride in seconds. Looking forward to all of the future enhancements. I recommend it to any fitness data geek of any level.


Indie App Developer + Endurance Cyclist

Better Workouts is developed and maintained by a solo developer and cyclist for life.

Many of the app’s features are FREE to use. You can review workouts, add tags, access dashboard metrics, import FIT files from Garmin or Wahoo devices and more. I have an extensive roadmap of new features for Better Workouts, but I can only make it a reality with your support.

Better Workouts PRO is a one-time in-app purchase. You can upgrade at any time after downloading the app. PRO features include heart rate zones, dynamic splits, training calendar, progress charts, drilldown metrics in progress and tags sections and any PRO features released in the future.

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