How to Use Better Workouts to Keep Track of All your Workouts if you own a Wahoo ELEMNT Bike Computer and Apple Watch

Published January 24, 2022

By Axel Rivera

If you’re a cyclist and general fitness fanatic, chances are you got a Wahoo ELEMNT cycling computer and an Apple Watch to track workouts. While Wahoo provides an impressive amount of data and charts, you’ve likely noticed that most metrics are lost when you export rides to the Fitness app on your iPhone.

Better Workouts was created from my personal need to keep all data from workout activities in a single place. I prefer to use Apple’s Health app as the single source of truth for all my workout data. It has better privacy than other cloud services and it gives me the flexibility to switch between Garmin, Wahoo or other services in the future without fear of losing data.

When you import FIT files with Better Workouts, you can view all your cycling workouts recorded with your Wahoo ELEMNT computer and other training activities recorded with your Apple Watch. With everything in one place, you can easily optimize your training plan. Here’s how.

How Does Better Workouts Work with your Wahoo ELEMNT Computer?

Fitness companies like Wahoo make it difficult to import data into their apps because they want you to buy their hardware. They also limit the amount of data exported to the Health app on your iPhone. As a cyclist who owns an Apple Watch this can be infuriating, since I want to efficiently track all my activities and metrics in a single place. You’re forced to bounce back and forth between apps to review your performance stats.

This is where Better Workouts comes in. Better Workouts makes it easy to transfer ALL workout data from Wahoo to the Health app, allowing you to review all of your activities in one place. Plus, for Apple Watch workouts, which normally provide limited data, you’ll get access to similar charts, heart rate zones, and more.

Most importantly, Better Workouts is incredibly easy to use. With just a few taps on your screen, you’ll get access to all the metrics and charts from your workout.

Better Workouts includes a comprehensive list of metrics and charts including:

  • Cycling speed
  • Cycling cadence
  • Running pace
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Zones
  • Splits
  • Maps

To access the information, you simply import the FIT file created by your Wahoo ELEMNT computer.

  1. Open the Wahoo ELEMNT Companion app and tap on the workout you want to import
  2. Tap on the share icon, which is found in the upper right corner of the screen
  3. Tap on share .fit file button
  4. Select Better Workouts from the activity sheet (you may need to tap on “more” to find it)

At this point, Better Workouts will automatically open and display the import screen. Tap on import, and you’re done! Now, you have access to ALL of the data from your workout.

Wahoo Import Screenshots

How Does Better Workouts Improve your Training?

While Apple’s Fitness app provides the basics, like time, distance, calorie burn, and average heart rate, Better Workouts lets you dig into every aspect of your workout. If you’re training for a competition or just looking to get better, having access to this information can kick your training into the next gear.

For example, if you’re training to complete a century ride you’re likely adding some cross-training activities to your plan like running or strength training. The Fitness app on your iPhone will only show you limited data about each workout and the Wahoo app will only show your bike rides. Better Workouts will let you see detailed metrics about your cycling speed and cadence, running pace, heart rate, and more. You can even see how often your heart was in the recovery, aerobic, tempo, threshold, and anaerobic zone for each workout.

Once you have this information, you can implement the necessary changes to your workout routine, depending on your goals. With new, uniquely tailored training, you can improve your results again and again.

Wahoo Import Screenshots

Better Workouts for Cycling and Beyond

I love my Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt, it’s a lot easier to use and configure than my previous Garmin computer. But I also love my Apple Watch. Being able to consistently close the fitness rings changed my life! And thanks to my cycling activities, I also enjoy walking and running a few times per week. As a software developer, I like to see the big picture and Better Workouts helps me do that.

Better Workouts works for all types of training whether you’re an avid cyclist, runner, CrossFit-er, or yogi. If you like to track your cycling activities via Wahoo ELEMNT computer and other workouts via Apple Watch, Better Workouts can exponentially expand on the minimal data available on Apple’s Fitness app and put all your workouts in one place.

If you’re looking to better understand your fitness level, Better Workouts can provide the data you need to do so. Ready to amp up your training with a greater knowledge of your current workout routine? Stop jumping between apps and get a comprehensive view of your training in one place with Better Workouts.

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